Rum holds a very important place in the local culture. Until recently, it was produced under strict regulations, but today the legal framework is more conducive to innovation and creation. Mauritian rum can finally gain in nobility. At the Solana Beach Mauritius, an exclusive bar, the Lakaz Rum, is dedicated to it, a place where you can discover the thousand and one facets of this local product in an ideal setting for a « chill out ».

Located almost at the entrance of the Solana, Lakaz Rum catches the eye with its typical Mauritian architecture made of sheet metal and wood. On the left, a Boma (campfire) sets the tone for the friendly atmosphere of the place. A few rattan armchairs await those who want to take a break after a day of activities, while stools are available for those who want to enjoy the chat of the master of the premises, Parvesh Deena (better known as Deena).

Solana Beach Chill Out

At 25, the young man has quickly established himself as an employee who is passionate about his work and has risen through the ranks to be entrusted with the reins of Lakaz Rum today. After studying at the SGD Hotel School in Ebony, he joined Solana as a waiter. After working in the main restaurant, he was offered a position at the bar. His passion for mixology allowed him to run a rum bar that was launched shortly before the pandemic at Solana.

Today Deena officiates at Lakaz Rum with passion and zeal. He can’t stop talking about rum, « a drink that breathes the country ». His « cellar » offers more than ten varieties of rum including molasses rum and rum made from cane juice, white rum, amber rum and also homemade arranged rums.

The young bartender doesn’t just offer rums to the uninformed customer, he makes a point of explaining the different types of rum and how best to drink them. For example, the premium rums are served without addition as aperitifs or digestives. « As for cocktails, they ask for rums that are not too strong in alcohol (less than 40%) because otherwise, you can smell the alcohol at the expense of the fruit and spice flavours, » explains Deena.

He also gives us a tip on how to enjoy his rum. « You have to heat the glass first, with steam or by pouring hot water into it. This helps to reduce the intensity of the alcohol and bring out the flavours of the drink.

Deena also explains that arranged rums are the most popular with foreign customers because they are richer in flavour. « We bring in the Solana signature with carefully chosen spices and fruits. This requires a maceration time of at least a week to get the most flavour. Indeed, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, vanilla, honey and even chocolate and chilli (from the courtyard) blend harmoniously with coconut, lemon, pineapple and other seasonal fruits bringing the flavours of Mauritius to the customer”.

So, if you too want to experience the rum, come to Lakaz Rhum every day (except Sunday) between 6 pm and 11 pm. A happy hour is offered between 6 pm and 7 pm. Drinks are served with Mauritian canapés. The venue, which can accommodate up to 35 people, can also be rented for private events. On evenings when the main restaurant offers the Mauritian buffet, there is also live sega. Note that Lakaz Rum offers a « rum passport », a card to be filled in and each drink is stamped. When the card is filled up to 18 drinks, the customer gets a bottle of arranged rum. Nice!


Solana Beach Mauritius

Coastal Road, Belle Mare,

Beau Vallon Hospitality

St Hubert, Mauritius

Tél : +230 604 1200
Fax : +230 631 0774