The North
The Northern coast is the vibrant heart of Mauritius, with its selection of restaurants, bars and nightclubs inviting visitors to discover our little island through newfound eyes. As a real tourist destination, the North is ideal for those looking to enjoy their holidays in a dynamic atmosphere and enrol in a variety of exciting activities. This region is also famous for its warm climate and generous beaches, perfect for a relaxing moment under the palm trees.

The South
The South of Mauritius is characterised by an authentically enchanting setting, constituting the greatest strength of this peaceful region. Wild and still mostly untouched, the Southern coast is full of surprising sceneries and offers a selection of natural spectacles that are rather different from those that exist elsewhere across the island. Visitors marvel at the vast expanse of sugarcane fields and lush green valleys that adorn the path leading up to this irresistible place, with its stunning black cliffs, breath-taking panoramas and stretches of golden sand.

The East
Home to some of the most beautiful beaches of the island, the East coast of Mauritius is the ideal destination for visitors looking to recharge their batteries at the heart of a peaceful seaside setting. Famous for its enchanting turquoise lagoon, the East of Mauritius also abounds with authentic fishing villages full of charm. Its warm climate attracts mostly water sports enthusiasts, while its majestic courses open their doors to both professional and amateur golf players. Most of the activities on offer on the East coast present the ideal opportunity to explore the surrounding islets and enjoy the authenticity of the landscapes populating this region.

The West
The West coast’s warm climate offers visitors the chance to enjoy a selection of memorable experiences, including beautiful sunsets, privileged encounters with the dolphins and magical sea trips aboard colourful pirogues. The landscapes are made up of imposing mountains which are rich in history and that invite the more adventurous to discover their hidden treasures during a hike. The West coast is a region full of contrasts, between authenticity and modernity, where the inhabitants often spend some quality time together around a campfire on the beach.


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