Preparing for Your Holiday at a Beach Hotel in Mauritius

Do you have dreams of lying on the beach with your toes in the sand and a refreshing drink in hand? Then perhaps a holiday to a beach hotel in Mauritius is just what you need! From yoga to kayaking, the island offers a wealth of amazing experiences to be had. But in order to make the most of your time in Mauritius, there are a few things you can do to prepare yourself.

Planning Your Holiday

There is a lot that goes into planning the perfect holiday, including finding the right accommodation, requesting leave from work, booking flights, etc. We recommend that you take your time when planning your trip to a beach hotel in Mauritius. If you are very busy, you may need the help of a travel agent to ensure everything goes according to plan.

Packing List

While every traveller may have slightly different requirements when it comes to packing, a basic packing list for Mauritius should include the following:

  • Sunscreen
  • Hat
  • Beachwear
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Evening wear
  • Activewear
  • Camera
  • A good book

If you forget to pack something, there is no need to stress. Most beach hotels in Mauritius should have an onsite shop with all the essentials.

Immerse Yourself in the Island’s History and Culture

Before you visit a new place, it is always a great idea to learn a bit about its history and culture beforehand. We recommend learning a few words of French and Mauritian Creole so you can chat with the locals. You may also want to listen to traditional sega music, and read one or two books about the island. Doing so will definitely help you feel more connected to Mauritius during your time here.

Get Ready to Leave Home

Lastly, you want to make those final arrangements, such as organising a house or petsitter. Just make sure your home and dependents are well taken care of while you’re away.

Looking for an amazing beach hotel in Mauritius? You may be interested in staying with us at Solana Beach Resort in Belle Mare. As an adult-only resort, you can look forward to a peaceful and relaxing holiday! Please feel free to contact us today to discuss your upcoming holiday.


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