The Solana Beach Mauritius experience.

Solana Beach Mauritius, with its alluring boho-chic and romantic backdrop, is a world of unforgettable memories waiting to be made.

Bask in the tranquility of the oceanside to recharge your batteries or simply, to celebrate life.

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Tailor Made Holiday Mauritius

A tailor-made holiday

You dream it, we create it.

You’ve travelled thousands of kilometres to be here, on the island of Mauritius. Now sit back, relax and let us do what we do best: creating your dream holiday that promises to meet your highest expectations.

Whether you choose Solana Beach Mauritius for your wedding proposal, your wedding, your honeymoon, a birthday or any event that’s close to your heart, our team remains at your disposal to create a custom-made experience, with special attention to every minute detail. We promise you a holiday that will be etched in your memory for a lifetime.

Breakfast by the Beach

Breakfast by the beach

Each day, at the crack of dawn, a new chapter of your story begs to be written. And what if you began writing a new one under the warm rays of the rising sun in Belle Mare? Savour breakfast at dawn, facing the Indian Ocean. An otherworldly performance unravelling before your eyes: canoes swaying to the rhythm of the waves, the Eastern breeze flowing in calm meditation.

Take your pick: fresh seasonal fruit, warm pastries straight out of the oven or a delectable English breakfast.

And as the sun floods the bay with its soothing warmth, that glorious moment remains yours to hold onto.

Solana Shining and Full Moon

Solana Shining & Full Moon

A moonlit dinner

The moon and its constellations have long inspired artists over the course of centuries. Here is no different. You will be charmed by the poetic notes of this evening: a romantic dinner for two under the stars with your own chef and butler. With refined and delectable dishes served in an enchanting setting, bathed under the luminous full moon, Solana Shining & Full Moon is the perfect romantic experience for two.

Body Harmony

Body Harmony

Our relaxing activities.

The peaceful setting at Solana Beach Mauritius is an invitation for soothing soul-searching: our “relaxing” activities cater to all of your needs and moods throughout your stay.

Time for introspection?
Give our yoga or meditation sessions a go, facing the sublime ocean at the crack of dawn.

In a more zestful mood?
Try our aquagym class with our coaches - their energy is contagious!

Looking to feel anchored in the present moment?
Our Pilates classes are just what you need to kickstart it!

For Sea Lovers Solana

For sea-lovers

Our water activities

Therapeutic for some, an entertaining playground for others, the ocean never ceases to amaze.

Nestled between both those worlds, you can enjoy a paddle, kayak or pedal boat ride; and if you prefer a more immersive experience - literally - get ready to go deep-sea diving and witness the unmatched beauty of our marine fauna and flora.

Sunkissed skin, eyes filled with wonderment and salt in your hair… here, holidays take on a whole new meaning. Holidays… the dreamiest of holidays.

Note : Out of respect for the treasures on our beautiful seabed, all of the sea activities at Solana Beach Mauritius are non-motorised.

Ylang Spa

The Ylang Spa

Cradle of wellness

Step through the doors of Ylang Spa and leave behind all your daily tribulations: a journey like no other awaits you. Solo or with your partner, recenter yourself on what matters most: you.

A true haven encompassing both authenticity and wellbeing. From healing body pains and mind aches with the help of local and organic products, all carefully concocted in the kitchens of the hotels. Citrus fruit peels, coffee grounds, curry leaves, sugar, moringa - nothing here goes to waste; it only gets transformed into an invigorating healing brew.

Beyond its five massage rooms, sauna, hammam, and hair salon, Ylang Spa also offers two signature experiences:

  • a healthy pack, a treatment comprised of aromatic herbs at the spa, followed by a detox meal at the restaurant.
  • Massage classes for couples.

From the soothing decor to the calm aura, the spa has it all covered to awaken a deep sense of wellbeing within you.


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